Automatic Barriers

Shopping centres, hotels and other public places require the management and control of areas to be used for vehicle parking, to be only accessible to authorised people. This calls for a safe, efficient and reliable automatic barrier control system.

Our automatic barriers combine ease of use, minimalist design and practicality, and offer a wide range of accessories, as well as several control and monitoring options, from the most traditional remote controls and keys to the “coin” or “magnetic loop” operated systems.

To allow employees and key customers to operate the barrier, a choice of access control solutions are available:

  • Traditional keypad entry
  • Remote control via a handheld key fob
  • GSM system for multiple control options including mobile phone speed dial operation
  • An underground magnetic loop system allows the exit barrier to be automatically operated when a vehicle goes over it, thus ensuring a regular flow of vehicles and avoiding unwelcome queues
Ditek Qik Automatic Barrier Brochure

Ditek Qik Automatic Barrier Brochure