Smart Reset Roll-Up Door

A technically advanced, highly flexible solution, suitable for a wide range of applications. Smart Reset has been designed to provide a very functional door, to make installation easier and to allow smooth operation of all its components.

Smart Reset can be supplied in different levels of design (Basic and Comfort), to better satisfy the differing operating requirements and to comply with the different local standards. The wide range offered features a whole array of unparalleled technological features. Hot-galvanised steel available in the RAL versions with oven-baked epoxy coating with smooth finish or fine satin- finish AISI 304 stainless steel, complete with galvanised curtain winding pipe and with vertical uprights fitted with special self-lubricating sliding guide installed on a shock absorbing spring system.


  • Provision for roll-up roller casing
  • DSC electronic safety device to reverse motion when door is closing if an obstacle is hit
  • Heavy duty motor: 3 phase 400 V motor, complete with limit switch and electrically operated hand brake
  • IP55 rated electronic panel, complete with open-closestop membrane push-button panel with Autotest function, in compliance with European Directives 2006/42/CE and 89/106/CE
  • Provision for manual opening device with operation crank
  • INVERTER system on request for different speed, accelerations and braking control
  • Full size flexible curtain entirely made of Class 2 self extinguishing polyester, with no horizontal strengthening parts, which slides inside the side hinges and features self-repairing properties and high resistance to air and wind pressure to 120 km/h