How Glass Verandas Are Unique From Other Patio Roofs

A glass veranda is a type of shelter for your patio. They’re usually mounted to a supporting wall on a house, with two front support posts which are fixed into the ground in front. The roof is covered by panes of glass, completing the stylish and practical feature which makes your outdoor space more usable. Some details make glass verandas unique from awnings, pergolas, parasols and canopies.


One of the most obvious features of a glass roof is its transparency. This allows light to flood onto your patio area, helping maintain the feeling of being outdoors while you’re sheltered.


All Weather Use

While awnings and parasols shouldn’t really be used in anything more than a light shower, and definitely not in windy conditions, a glass veranda offers protection all year round. A pitched roof and integrated guttering can encourage rain to run down the centre of the posts, rather than off the front and sides.


Strong and Permanent

These permanent structures are innovative yet simple in design. They’re made from sturdy aluminium, so they’re strong enough to remain fixed in an ‘open’ position. That means you can forget about worrying whether you’ve remembered to retract it before leaving the house, or always keeping one eye on the weather ‘just in case’.


Completely Bespoke

Glass verandas are made-to-measure, guaranteeing an installation which you’ll be happy with. Choose the roof shape, framework colour and size to the millimetre. It’s therefore possible to find a solution to fit any house - even those with seemingly awkward architectural features like wrap-around corner patios or chimney breasts.

You can even decide whether you want to enclose the space at all with matching glass elements. Add a wall or two to block winds or turn it into a fully enclosed room - a modern alternative to a conservatory. 


Customise With Accessories

On the brightest days, the addition of an integrated underglass or overglass awning will come in handy. These remote control operated shading systems can shield you from the sun when you need it, giving you the best of both worlds. Extras like heating and lighting also enhance comfort levels.


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