How High Maintenance is a Glass Room?

A panoramic extension made from glass looks stunning, but how practical are they outside of the brochures? The truth is, installations like Weinor's Glasoase pretty much look after themselves. There won’t be anything for you to do other than a quick cleaning routine.


How do I clean the glass?

The glazing panels are available with a special anti fingerprint finish. This makes it easy to keep everything smear-free, even if you have hands-on children exploring the place.

When the glass is in need of a clean, lots of clean water, pH neutral detergent and a soft cloth will do the trick. Don’t use any strong cleaning products because they’ll damage the anti-fingerprint coating, and avoid using a pressure washer or scourer. For sand-blasted satin effect glass leave out the detergent and just wash with water.


Cleaning the other parts

The aluminium framework will probably need a clean once a year with a mix of water and pH-neutral detergent. If you live near the sea you’ll understand the corrosion which saltwater can cause, so you’ll need to wash these parts more regularly.

Glass room owners also need to remove dead leaves and other debris from the guttering, just as you would with the guttering on your home. The bottom guide channels can be cleaned with a quick vacuum. It’s important to remove any ice and snow from these parts during the colder months. If heavy snow causes an extreme build-up on the roof clear this away too.


What else?

Weinor advise that any work other than cleaning should be left to the specialists. It might be worth noting the following points:

  • Good ventilation is crucial in preventing moisture (and subsequent mould or mildew) from forming. Since these glass rooms aren’t insulated, it’s natural to see some condensation on the front panels. Minimise this by opening the doors for 5 to 10 minutes, a few times a day, during the winter months. This aids air circulation and balances the temperature between inside and out, making it harder for condensation to form. Some owners find a dehumidifier can help too.

  • It is not possible to seal the room completely from wind and rain. This is actually a main attraction of the Glasoase. Owners experience a balance between the fresh air feeling of being outside with adequate protection from the elements.

  • Your glass extension is going to last for many years, so seals and grouting may need repairing over time.

  • Minor scratches on the powder coated parts can be touched up by a professional.

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