Awning Care and Maintenance - What You Need to Know


Whether you’re still shopping around or you already have an awning installed, how you’re going to care for it may not have crossed your mind. Fortunately, all Roché awnings require very little maintenance. Nevertheless, here are some simple tips to keep it looking new and protect its lifespan. Remember to double check the information provided by your installer before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance work.


Fabric Choice

If your awning will be situated near lots of trees or a busy street, you might want to take the colour of your cover into consideration. Soot, pollen and leaves can all leave a residue which is more noticeable on a light, solid colour. Dark colours and stripes will be much more forgiving.


Proper Drying

Even waterproof awnings can suffer from water stains and mildew. The good news is these kinds of damage are actually very easy to prevent - simply let it dry completely before retracting it. Try not to let water pockets form on the cover whenever possible, as this can result in the cover sagging.


Remove Foreign Objects

It’s worth checking for leaves, twigs or snow each time you retract your awning. You don’t want them getting trapped in between fabric layers and causing damage. Remove dust periodically with a soft brush.


Cleaning the Cover

Over time the awning cover might begin to look a little bit grubby, but it’s easily remedied. Switch the power off and use lukewarm water with a little mild detergent like washing up liquid. Let the foam work its way into the fabric for 15 to 20 minutes, and rinse with normal water. Take care not to scrub or rub the material, and let the awning dry while extended. Some fabrics are self cleaning, which means they use rain run-off to remove dirt for you.


Cleaning the Framework

To clean the awning frame, use a commercial detergent intended for sensitive surfaces (pH between 5 and 8). It goes without saying that you should avoid using rough scraping materials like sandpaper, grinding fleece, emery or pumice. Don’t use a pressure washer on any part of the awning, either.


Replacing the Cover

Good quality awnings, like Markilux and Weinor designs, will last for many years. The mechanism will easily outlast cover fashions, so you may want to switch the fabric for a new design. It’ll need to be fitted by a professional, but it’s a great way to update the look without paying for a whole new awning.


If you need any more advice on awning care and maintenance, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01691 650600 or drop us a message. Roché's team of experts will be able to advise on how to make the most of your installation.