How a Bespoke Awning Can Adapt to Any Space

Roché’s sun awnings are bespoke, so we can accommodate a number of seemingly awkward specifications. Just because you may think your installation is complicated, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dream awning. Here are some common problems we can work around.


My guttering runs down the wall where I’d like the awning to go.

If a downpipe is in the way our installers will use special spacers to mount the awning a little in front of the wall. That means you don’t need to worry about getting someone to reroute your guttering, and your awning can still be installed in your ideal location.



Each awning is installed at a pitch, so bungalows and single story extensions may not be able to accommodate this without bringing the awning out too low when it's extended. In these instances our installers use brackets to raise the fitting to above the natural wall height. 


I'm not sure my wall is strong enough to support the weight

Our surveyors will check whether your wall can support the awning before we begin the design process. It's possible to spread the weight out along more points on the wall to reduce the weight each fixing has to bear.



Many of the awnings advertised on our website are available with manual operation too. These come with a crank handle which you’ll turn to extend and retract the awning. If you want yours to be installed in an open space without a power supply, this may well be the most practical solution.


My garden is really long and narrow.

Markilux and Weinor both offer solutions for spaces which require a narrow width and large projection. Ask about our Stretch and MiniMax models, which use special technology like folding scissor arms to support the weight in a small width. They’re ideal for balconies too.


The Markilux Livona can measure up to 12m wide.

The Markilux Livona can measure up to 12m wide.

I want to cover a large area.

Most Markilux awnings have a maximum width of around 7m. Weinor’s Opal Design II, Topas and Livona can all cover huge spaces up to 12m wide in a single unit.

It’s also possible to pair two (or more) awnings together. They have a special ‘junction’ segment to give the appearance of a single awning and can be operated at the same time, using the same remote control. Maximum projections usually range between 3m and 4m. If you need a larger projection, our narrow Stretch models or fabric roof terrace designs can help you achieve it.


There are many other circumstances we can also work around. Give us a call on 01691 650600 to find out how we can help.