The Awning Benefits You Hadn't Considered

The most obvious reason anyone invests in an awning is to provide shading outdoors. They allow you to sit on the patio and read without glare, and mean you won’t be squinting at guests at your next barbecue.

But shading isn’t the only reason more and more people are choosing to install an awning. There are plenty of other benefits which you may not have even considered:




Blocking Harmful UV Rays

It’s undeniable that bright sunlight can be annoying, but the invisible UVA and UVB rays can actually be harmful. A high quality fabric won’t only block the light, but 97 - 100% of UVA and UVB rays too. So you can spend all day in your garden without damaging your skin.


Temperature Control

On the hottest days of the year, an ice cream will only get you so far. An awning will drop the temperature of your seating area by as much as 20 degrees, so you can relax comfortably.



Is your garden overlooked by multi storey buildings? Or do you want to drop a hint to those nosy neighbours you’ve caught peeking over the fence? A sun awning lets you enjoy your outdoor space with a little extra privacy. Side blinds and drop down valances can extend the coverage to the front and sides too, while the latest state-of-the-art fabrics let you see out without others seeing in.


Controlling the Environment Inside Your Home

You know a retractable awning will proving shading while you sit outdoors. But had you considered that placing it over your windows or french doors will also provide protection for inside your home?

If your south-facing room has glare which makes it impossible to see the TV, or heats up like a greenhouse on warmer days, an awning will block the sun’s rays before they touch the glass. This means they’re much more effective than blinds, curtains or shutters, and won’t disrupt your view of the garden either. You’ll also rely on fans and air conditioners a little less, saving money on your energy bills too.




An Extension of Your Living Space

An awning transforms the appearance of outside space. It’ll give the impression of a larger living area and soften the divide between indoors and out. In the front garden they add serious curb appeal.

Protecting Your Furniture

It’s easy to underestimate the damage the sun can cause until it’s too late. Before you know it, summer’s come back around and you’ve realised your garden furniture needs repainting yet again or you’ve moved the sofa forwards and noticed a big sun-bleached square on the back. By blocking the UV radiation, the dyes within your furnishings will remain looking their best. Patio tables and chairs will probably be safe from light showers too...

All Weather Protection

A little shelter from the rain is always welcomed in the UK, and most awnings offer some element of protection. Ask us for our recommendations on fabrics and the awning's pitch (particularly preventing water pooling on the cover). Windy conditions pose a risk to any awning, although a sensor can retract it before it gets damaged.

As you can see, an awning is much more than a provider of shade. The latest European engineered designs offer numerous benefits, transforming the appearance of your garden and the way you use your outdoor space. Take a look at the awnings page for more information.