Choosing a Markilux Awning Cover Fabric

How do you picture your awning cover? Perhaps you’re dreaming of a timeless stripe, a contemporary grey or a summery yellow. Although you can make a decision based solely on the colour and design, you might also want to take the fabric range into consideration.

Markilux weave their fabrics in-house, creating advanced polyester covers on 80 special machines. They offer a number of different collections which you can choose from, each with its own combination of characteristics:

Markilux Fabric Choices

If this choice leaves you confused, it can help to consider the following points: 

1. Which awning are you buying?

Not all cover collections are suited to all awning types. Perforated fabrics like the Perfotex range are only suited to conservatory and vertical awnings, since they’ll let rainfall pass through the fabric.

2. Which properties are important to you?

Different awning owners prioritise different properties. Whether you’re looking for a fabric which is particularly bright, weather-proof, water resistant, textured or offers maximum protection from UV rays, there’s a collection to suit your needs. Each Markilux fabric has been tested in each of these areas - speak to Roché for the facts and figures.

3. Do you prefer stripes or plain block colours?

While we’ve mentioned appearance isn’t everything, it is still important. If you know whether you want stripes or a plain colour this may help narrow your options. Some fabrics are designed for brighter colours, while others have a textured appearance for depth.

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