A Quick Guide to Patio Awning Sizes

If you’d like to get an idea of your options and the price you can be expected to pay, the first thing you’ll need to do is gain an understanding of the rough sizes you’re looking at. With patio awnings, the two measurements we’re interested in are width and projection.

Awning Sizes Diagram


This refers to how long the wall-mounted bar is. To get a rough idea of width, use a tape measure in a straight horizontal line across the wall. Measure straight across any gutters as if they weren’t there; brackets are available to sit the awning in front of them. Because all of our awnings are made to order, and Markilux and Weinor work to the nearest cm, it’s possible to be very precise. This can be very handy for fitting the awning between two walls or other architectural features. Across our range, the largest maximum widths are 7m for a single unit. Most awnings we sell are around the 3m wide mark. 

Pairing - For a Larger Width

If you were hoping for a projection wider than 7m, many awnings can be coupled. For example, the Weinor Livona can reach a maximum width of 12m, and the Markilux 1650 14.1m . In some instances this is done seamlessly, with synchronised remote control operation, a junction segment to bridge the gap in the fabric, and sometimes even a single front bar. Some awnings, like the Markilux 1700, allow for three units to be joined in this way. 



Projection refers to how much the awning will extend away from the wall. It doesn't take the pitch into consideration, and is worked out as if the tape measure is lying flat across the fabric. Projection will be a multiple of 0.5m, and less than 4m wide. The projection often needs to be 0.5m less than the width to support the structure effectively, but our team will be able to advise on this. Our most common projection is 2.5m, but it all depends on how much shading you want to provide. 

Stretch and MiniMax  - For a Larger Projection

These awnings are Markilux and Weinor’s solutions for spaces which require a larger projection than width. They use special folding arms and other technology to support the weight effectively.



Your survey is where we’ll take precise measurements, so don’t worry about getting everything completely accurate.


If you’re interested in getting a rough idea of cost please call 01691 650600 with your measurements, or ask for a survey for a detailed quotation.