5 Surprising (Yet Common) Uses For Sun Awnings

Here at Roché we’ve been installing awnings for many years, so it’s no surprise we’ve worked on a diverse set of projects. Here are some of the more unusual uses for sun awnings.


Shading Pets

We’ve installed a number of sun awnings to protect pets. And it’s completely understandable - when temperatures rise in summer it can be worrying to think about our beloved pooches outside in the heat.

Paw friendly remote controls don't exist just yet, but built-in sun and wind sensors will take care of extending and retracting the shade while you’re out. That means if you’re at work and the sun decides to peek out from behind the clouds, Fido will stay cool.


A commercial awning on a restaurant.

A commercial awning on a restaurant.

Increasing Business

There are actually a few ways commercial awnings help increase business. Sign writing displays branding in a way which stands out from the sea of signs on a high street.

They also make it possible to increase floor space with an outdoor bar, dining area or product display. You’ll protect customers, furniture and products from sun and showers.

The smoking ban began in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in 2006 and in 2007 for England. This meant restaurants, bars, cafés and hotels were more obliged to provide sheltered outside areas. Awnings increased in popularity like never before, thanks to their unobtrusive structure which fixes to an existing wall.


Protecting Hot Tubs

Outdoor hot tubs are great, but they are prone to damage from frost and collecting dirt, dead leaves and insects. It’s not surprising that many people choose to shelter theirs.

There are plenty of options on the market, such as gazebos, pavilions and summerhouses, but these all suffer from one major drawback; they’re fixed in place. That means you can’t bask in the sunlight or watch the stars when you choose. Walls also remove some of the feeling of being outdoors; one of the best things about owning a hot tub.

An awning is the solution. A retractable design is unique in that you can open and close it when required with the convenience of a remote control. They’re unobtrusive and don’t require floor space, yet still add privacy, making them ideal if your garden is overlooked by neighbours.

Up High

Awnings aren’t just for patios. They’re commonly found on balconies and roof terraces; areas which are otherwise very exposed to the elements. Models like the Markilux 990 are popular, while freestanding versions can be used on terraces without a suitable support wall. We've even installed some on high-rise hotels.

The Markilux 660 vertical awning.

The Markilux 660 vertical awning.


While you probably think of awnings as extending outwards horizontally, there are actually vertical versions too. Window awnings are a kind of external blind. They’ll add shading no matter how low the sun is in the sky, while keeping the heat off the glass and out of your home.


Whether for the home or business, awnings have a diverse range of uses, and can be customised to suit any space. See the full range here.