It's All in the Detail: The Terrazza Glass Roof

Even at a first glance, it’s clear the Terrazza roof is an innovative feat of engineering. But as you look a little closer, you’ll begin to notice the small details which the veranda unique from any other on the market.


Rigid Glass Roof

The roof is made from laminated safety glass which is resilient and shatterproof. It measures either 10 or 12mm thick and has been structurally tested.

You’ll be able to choose from different roof shapes, including the traditional rectangular pent roof, trapezium shapes, gable roofs and a circumferential design which wraps around the corner of your home.


Sturdy Aluminium Construction

A strong aluminium construction can be depended on to support the roof all year round. It’s capable of bearing up to 550kg of snow, meaning conditions like wind and rain won't affect the Terrazza.

Terrazza Glass Veranda Close Up

Thick sheets of aluminium provide strength while retaining an unobtrusive appearance which lets your patio take centre stage. The design supports roof depths of 6m, and steel inserts are available for additional reinforcement if required.

The entire framework is constructed seamlessly, giving the appearance of a single piece of aluminium. You won’t even see a single screw.


A Finish to Suit

Weinor coat the aluminium framework in their own factory to ensure the highest standards are met. 47 Standard (silk gloss) and 9 Trend (metallic) finishes allow you to customise the appearance to match your home. The Trend options also benefit from being scratchproof.


Clever Drainage

Rainfall run-off isn’t a problem thanks to the Terrazza’s guttering. Choose prefitted or seamlessly integrated guttering which routes water through the front posts. The result is effective and aesthetically pleasing drainage. You can even add a foliage screen to cover the gutter, preventing nearby trees from dropping leaves into it.

There are three possible options for guttering on the Terrazza; the Originale, Plus and Extra.

Terrazza Gutter Types
Terrazza Originale
No roof overhang, integrated guttering.
Terrazza Plus
Roof overhang, pre-fitted guttering.
Terrazza Extra
Roof overhang, integrated guttering.


Assortment of Accessories

Weinor’s standout quality doesn’t end at the Terrazza. A wide range of complementary accessories are also available to make the space usable all year round.

Whether it’s an award-winning awning for shading, an infrared heater which provides instant warmth or LED lights with remote control operation, they all match the glass veranda in their exceptional high standards.

Terrazza Detail 002.jpg

It’s also possible to enclose the Terrazza with vertical glazing elements. These bespoke fixed and sliding elements make it possible to add protection from side winds or create fully enclosed glass room, the Glasoase. Speak to the Roché team to discuss your options in detail.