Choosing a Weinor Awning Cover Fabric

If you’re investing in a Weinor awning, you’ll be able to choose from different fabric ranges. Weinor’s collection includes both polyester and acrylics, in a rainbow of colours and striped patterns. They have all undergone a spinneret dyeing process, which means the pigment is embedded throughout every fibre for bright and long lasting colours.

The different fabric collections offer a solution for all types of Weinor awning. Here’s an introduction to your options:

Weinor awning fabrics


If you’re still not sure where to start, consider the following points:

1. Which awning are you buying?

Weinor manufacture all types of awning, with folding arm patio awnings, vertical awnings for windows, side blinds and conservatory mounted designs. Each style has its own fabric requirements. A perforated fabric is best suited to being used vertically, since it can let water pass through (which would be inconvenient on a patio awning). Slightly transparent fabrics are popular for valances, while a patio awning cover will need to retain its shape well despite being opened and retracted many times throughout its lifespan.

2. Which properties are important to you?

Aside from the basic requirements, you might prioritise certain properties more than others. Perhaps you prefer a natural woven texture or a light and bright appearance. UV stability is another factor you may want to consider.

3. Stripes or block colours?

Ensure you get the right look with Weinor's huge choice of colours and patterns. The ‘special collections’ (Soltis, Perluca, Pergona, Livia) are only available in plain colours, and in some cases not as many bright shades, so True Colours or Magic Colours may be more suitable. 

Visit the Roché showroom to get a better feel for the fabric colours in person - we have sample swatches from all of Weinor’s collections, in addition to working awning models.
To learn more about what goes into designing an awning fabric, read this blog post. We’ve also written about the other ways you can customise your awning.