Classic X1 / S1 - Retractable Security Grille 

Classic X1 or S1 retractable security grilles are popular in high security domestic and commercial applications. Independently tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 Security Rating 1, the X1 & S1 security grilles are insurance approved and Secured by Design, a Police Preferred Specification.

Standard Design

X or S shaped lattice fully retractable system

Single or double grid design

Top hung design & smooth running carrier system for ease of use

Excellent through-vision when locked

Multi-point locking from a single key

Custom built for any opening

Pre-treated to ensure corrosion resistance and powder coated in white as standard

High security locking system

Anti-jemmy security strip


Secured by Design accreditation

Insurance approved to LPS1175 SR1


Hinged & lift out bottom track for doorways

Swivel return stack

Alternative RAL colours

Locking post at both ends to provide maximum flexibility of operation

Where access is not required the grille can have a fixed sash / cage design