Security Shield - Steel Screen for Windows

Protect windows against intruder entry or vandalism without compromising aesthetics. Simply installed in front of existing windows, Security Shield is a durable perforated steel security screen. From a distance it merely gives the impression that the windows are fitted with tinted glass, but at close quarters it's a visible deterrent to would-be burglars or glass smashing vandals.

Standard Design

There are 2 alternative product options:

Vandal Shield is designed to protect window glazing against vandalism

Intruder Shield is an attack tested “Secured By Design” security solution approved to LPS1175 SR1:

  • Screen is manufactured from black 2mm perforated steel plate
  • Black or white aluminium frame system
  • Unobtrusive physical window protection
  • Visual deterrent without bars or grilles
  • Gives the impression of tinted glass
  • Allows 60% light ingress
  • Cost effective alternative to re-glazing


Bespoke security door design

Alternative RAL frame colours